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Custom Service

1.What do I need to get started for the custom bike jersey order?

It would be great if you could provide us your team jersey design and all the logos in the format of PDF or AI. High resolution Logo like 2000*2000 in JPG or PNG could be accepted as well.


2.We do not have a specific design, could you help?

Yes. You could choose from our current designs that we sell online and make some adjustments.


3.Are there any limitations with color?

No, there is no limitation. But for specific colors like neon, we would charge a bit more than regular colors.


4.How do you match colors with my design?

We typically use the Pantone Color system to reference colors. If you have the Pantone Color number for your designs, it would help a lot.


Ordering & Payment

5. What are your minimum order requirements?

With CyclingBox, the MOQ for bike shorts/shorts/tights/Musette bag are 15 pieces.
The MOQ for cycling gloves are 50 pieces.
The MOQ for cycling socks are 600 pairs.

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