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personalised cycling gloves YS17045


personalised cycling gloves full finger
minimum order quantity 5 pairs
Custom template: YS17045

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custom bike gloves

- Dot Lycra: Unique jacquard structure, soft, stretch and wicking.
- Micro-fiber: Light weight and wear-resistant, anti-skid, perforated design to increase the air permeability of palms. The perfect grip makes riding more comfortable.
- Suede fabric: Soft enough to wipe sweat.
- Fit the hand: hand shaped version and comfortable grip.
- Technology: Hand-back Italian design sublimation transfer printing, delicate aesthetic appearance. Epoxy on palm to make a firm grip. Zigzag sewing on sleeve opening to make it fit better.

custom cycling gloves YS17045 blank template download
custom cycling gloves template

Template: YS17045 (different fabric shown by different color)
custom cycling gloves template

personalised cycling gloves YS17045


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